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Lofoten Helsprø

Produced in September 2022

Lofoten was releasing their new product line of fishburgers, called Helsprø, and needed a campaign that drew attention. The agency McCann came up with the idea of making a twist on a traditional Norwegian song called "Ro, ro til Fiskeskjær" and producing a 15-second music video presenting the burger.

We started by hiring Owen Music to make a 15-second pop song for us. Together with the agency, we directed a 15-second music video in our Studio Ask.

Lofoten also wanted it to look like the actors were sitting in a beautiful landscape in Lofoten, so we built a wall with a window painted as a blue screen and keyed in a video from Lofoten. The animation company Saurus produced the singing burger for us and keyed it into our scene.

The result was a joyful commercial, made for several different commercial spots, including all the digital platforms and a 15-second TV spot.






Creative Directors: Stian Birkelid & Martin Berulfsen at McKann
Director: Christian Schüssler
Producer and videographer: Peter Bryng
Lighting: Uffe Mulvad
Music: Owen Music
Animation: Saurus
Styling: Monica Bjerkerud, Sporenstrek
Makeup: Josefine Linder, Sporenstrek
Studio: Studio Ask
Color grading: Nr14
Sound Design: Nr14
Voiceover artist: Marit Andreassen
Casting: Kari Marie Sandbukt
Actor, boy: Lukas Aleksander Swale
Actor, girl: Alisandra Riber Sparre
Actor, father: Ivar Broder Frølich
Actor, mom: Kristin Gudbbrandsen


Commercial for Q-Meieriene

Reklamefilm for Q-Meieriene

Commercial for Q-Meieriene

Commercial for Hongqi

Reklamefilm for Hongqi

Commercial for Hongqi

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