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Lofoten Helsprø

Produced in September 2022

Lofoten was releasing their new product line of fishburgers, called Helsprø, and needed a campaign that drew attention. The agency McCann came up with the idea of making a twist on a traditional Norwegian song called "Ro, ro til Fiskeskjær" and producing a 15-second music video presenting the burger.

We hired Owen Music to make a hit 15-second pop song for us. Together with the agency, we directed a 15-second music video in our studio. Lofoten also wanted it to look like where the actors were sitting in a beautiful landscape in Lofoten, so we built a wall with a window painted as a blue screen and keyed in a video from Lofoten. The animation company, Saurus produced the singing burger for us and keyed it into our scene. We made several different commercial spots for all the digital platforms and the 15-second TV spot.






Creative Directors: Stian Birkelid & Martin Berulfsen at McKann
Director: Christian Schüssler
Producer and videographer: Peter Bryng
Lighting: Uffe Mulvad
Music: Owen Music
Animation: Saurus
Styling: Monica Bjerkerud, Sporenstrek
Makeup: Josefine Linder, Sporenstrek
Studio: Studio Ask
Color grading: Nr14
Sound Design: Nr14
Voiceover artist: Marit Andreassen
Casting: Kari Marie Sandbukt
Actor, boy: Lukas Aleksander Swale
Actor, girl: Alisandra Riber Sparre
Actor, father: Ivar Broder Frølich
Actor, mom: Kristin Gudbbrandsen


Commercial for Q-Meieriene

Reklamefilm for Q-Meieriene

Commercial for Q-Meieriene

Commercial for Hongqi

Reklamefilm for Hongqi

Commercial for Hongqi

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