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Meet Wally!

Wally, or Bolt Jr+, is a Mark Roberts Motion Control robot manufactured in England. Wally is controlled through the Windows-driven software program, Flair 7 - A, which is based on Adobe After Effects, Maja, and Cinema 4D. By using this technology with Bolt Junior+, the operator can precisely perform every frame's most complex camera movements.

Wally comes with three-meter rails and has an arm length of 1.4 meters. He usually produces food commercials in our Studio Ask in Oslo but also works on location with one of our cinematographers with Bolt certification. Adrian Axel, Espen Olsen, and Uffe Mulvad are all freelancers with courses in Bolt Junior+ and the Flair 7 program.

Wally moves three meters per second and fits very well with a high-speed camera such as the Phantom Flex 4K, which can film at a whopping 1,000 fps. This gives unique images in slow-motion and is suitable for short films, and is often used in social media ads.
Through our partners, we have access to several different camera brands, such as:

Phantom Flex 4K, 1000 fps 4K

Watch some of the moves Wally can do

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