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Commercial for Hongqi

Produced in July 2022

Hongqi was launching in Norway and needed a brand film for their new Hongqi E-HS9.

Together with the advertising agency McKann, we produced a 45-second commercial for TV in majestic surroundings on the Norwegian West Coast. We also developed shorter-form commercials and formats for social media.






Creative Directors: Stian Birkelid & Kim Amundsen at McKann
Producer: Peter Bryng
Director: Christian Schüssler
Cinematographer: Espen Olsen, iProduksjon
Black Arm operators: Thomas Bjørnstad & Roger Fosaas
Drone: Kenneth Kleppe, UAS Voss
Lighting: Uffe Mulvad
Editing: Peter Bryng
Color grading: Storyline
Sound Design: Go Electra
Voiceover: Den Røde Gorilla
Composer: Erlend Mokkelbost
Casting: Kari Marie Sandbukt
Styling: Emina Mahmuljin


TV-commercial for Vitusapotek

TV-reklame for Vitusapotek

TV-commercial for Vitusapotek

Commercial for Porsche Center Oslo

Reklamefilm for Porsche Center Oslo

Commercial for Porsche Center Oslo

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