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Food campaign for Salma

Produced in Oktober 2020

Production of commercial campaigns for Salmar. We developed five creative ways to use Salma's ingredients at home in your kitchen. We made five recipes films together with five still pictures of the dishes during a long production day. Sporenstrek planned and did the styling during the shoot. The campaign was used on Salmar's website, and we made short SoMe versions for online distribution.

The films were edited to 4: 5 and translated into Swedish and French. Monica Sjøli developed the concept.






Role: Videographer and editor
Director: Monica Sjøli at Sporenstrek
Styling: Monica Sjøli
Photography: Josefin Linder
Client: Salmar Norge
Color correction: GoElectra
Music: Epidemic Sound


Advertising Campaign for Mobile

Reklamekampanje for Mobile

Advertising Campaign for Mobile

Portrait on Julie Bergan for Frogner House

Portrett på Julie Bergan for Frogner House

Portrait on Julie Bergan for Frogner House

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