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How do you make a commercial and what happens behind the camera during filming?

11 October 2023

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the production of a commercial? From the time an idea turns into a production, many people in the agencies and the film production company are involved. Everything from location, casting, camera package, lighting package, color tones, and set design must be planned and the crew must be booked.

We often document what happens behind the camera when we produce commercials. Below you can see several different films from various productions that were made in the studio and out on location, giving insight into the process, creativity, and dedication that goes into each project.

Shoot for Lofoten fishburger at Studio Ask:

Promotional film for Strim at Rudskogen:

Commercial film for Coop Xtra summer campaign:

Glambot shoot for Costume Awards:

Informational Film for IMDI with Galvan Mehidi

Glambot shoot for Gullruten:

Commercial film for Ask:

Commercial film for Skyr:

Commercial film for Oda:


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