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Promotional film for Gullruten 2023: Norway's first Glambot shoot

24 April 2023

Norway's most significant awards ceremony will again occur at the Grieghallen in Bergen on May 13th, 2023. And in collaboration with Monster TV, we delivered Glambot recordings at the Oslo Opera House to promote the event on TV2.

Linnea Myhre poser foran robotarmen på operaen i forbindelse med promoopptak for Gullruten 2023.

The Glambot concept is already known in Hollywood. It is used, among other things, during the Oscar ceremony and Grammy Awards, where celebrities pose in formal wear in front of the camera in slow-motion. To achieve this effect, cameras capable of capturing at least 1000 fps must be used.

On this day, the nominees showed up in their formal wear, and in cooperation with Monster, they all lined up in front of the camera. Each celebrity was allowed to show themselves in their best light and do funny things that matched their personality. During just two hours of shooting, we filmed 14 of the nominees. Some were filmed in pairs, while others were filmed alone.

For this shoot, we connected a Phantom Flex camera to the robot, and with the robot arm's speed and precision, we could film in ultra-fast slow motion while the robot made fast and unique movements. Visually, it becomes an exciting and more eye-catching clip that will stand out on digital platforms.

When filming celebrities during an event, time is often limited. To ensure efficiency, we programmed ten different movements before the shoot. That way, we could perform various movements for each celebrity so that everyone was filmed uniquely.

Arri 18K HMI lampe i operaen for Gullruten 2023


When filming in slow motion like this, much more powerful lighting is needed than what is usually used. Therefore, we set up an 18,000W HMI lamp. To soften the light, we placed a sail in front of it.

Although we had access to plenty of light from the HMI lamp, we relied on natural light to capture the details of the opera's beautiful oak panels. We were fortunate to have good sunlight that day, shining in through the windows and serving as an additional light source. To block unwanted light from incorrect angles, we used black Molton.

The result was fantastic films that brought out the best in the people and the surroundings.

Behind the scenes

It's just as fun to see what's happening behind the camera as it is to see the finished result. There's a lot of work that goes into it, both before filming, but also during filming. Look at the film and photos below to see how everything was together.


Tuva Fellmann & Solveig Kloppen, Else Kåss Furuseth & Markus Neby, Ronny Brede Aase, Nicolai Kleve Broch, Pia Tjelta, Henriette Stensrup, Linnea Myhre & Calle Hellevang-Larsen, Aleksander Sæterstøl & Cathrine Fossum, Olaf Tufte, Kristian Ødegård & John Hammersmark, Niklas Baarli

Calle's improvised jumps.

Thanks to the client and agency for a great collaboration - especially to the crew working hard with transportation, setup, execution, and teardown. We are incredibly grateful for the effort of everyone involved and are thrilled with both the filming day and the result.


Producer: Peter Bryng

Director: Christian Schüssler

Cinematographer: Uffe Mulvad

Lighting: Adrian Axel

Behind the Scenes: Kari Marie Sandbukt / RØBBET

Assistant: Joakim Østrem

Assistant: Egil Døving

Assistant: Tobias Olsen


TV2 Agency

Monster Event Agency

Playroom Event

We hope our experience has inspired you with this shoot! If you're interested in creating something similar for your own company or agency, don't hesitate to contact us, and we can discuss a potential collaboration.

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