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We invite you to the launch of the Bolt Junior+ Robotic Arm on 17 Mars 2023

15 February 2023

Kickoff for Studio Ask - Lecture on AI & Launch of Bolt Junior+

2023 will be an exciting year, and a lot of content will be produced. We invite you to a day of several presentations about digital marketing, and we will discuss the future of content production.

We have invested in a new robotic arm that offers new possibilities in film production. Today we would like to introduce BOLT JR+. There will be a live demo of how we can use this in productions to increase the production value, and we will look at what opportunities and potential exist for future movie making and how this can help your next production.

Sporenstrek Reklame will style a tabletop set for a live demonstration of the robot. Afterward, they will talk about the flexibility of total production in food and the advantage of having a team involved from start to finish.

We get a visit from the director Christian Shüssler, who is currently working on a documentary project about AI. What is it, and how can we use AI as a tool going forward? And should we be afraid of our jobs? Christian has unique information about how far this technology has come, so this lecture is worth attending!

In addition, we get a visit from Simon Stjern, the strategy director at Bleed. He will talk about the role of strategy in developing strong and unique brands that stand out.

After the lectures, we open up for discussion, inviting you to ask questions and come up with exciting ideas for how robot technology and AI can be used in future content productions.

At the very end, there will be mingling and partying throughout the evening, where we will also continue with a live demonstration of the robot.

Food and drink will be served during the event, so bring your colleagues and visit us at Studio Ask. The event starts at 16.00


Jernbaneveien 4, 0667 Oslo

Entrance: Studio Ask

Registration link:

Facebook event:

Note: we have limited places, and you must register via the registration link. This is due to the capacity of the studio.

If you are registered and can't come, you can unsubscribe by 10 March.

We looking very much forward to seeing you all!


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