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Why did we invest in a Robotic arm?

12 February 2023

We are summarizing what the Bolt Junior+ can do and what we believe is the future of content production.

At Stories, we have the last eight years specializing in food commercials, and we have always strived to raise the bar of what we can produce and how we can be a little bit better at every production. The investment of the Bolt Junior+ has been in the pipeline for over two years, researching all around Europe for a type of equipment that does not limit us during production. We look forward to using it as our primary film production tool, shooting in the studio, or producing food commercials for our clients.

One of the biggest reasons for going all-in and investing in such expensive gear is the limitations of shooting table-top on a tripod or handheld. We have been using a slider to make our shots more dynamic, but we need more flexibility to bring our vision to life. This investment brings us closer to being the industry leader in producing food commercials in the coming years. From March 13th, we are ready for operation, and we can't wait to start putting this equipment to use, working together with other creators in the industry.

We aim to offer this new technology as a go-to tool for any studio production - offering this equipment for higher-budget productions and lower-budget commercials distributed on social media.

We have seen a need to produce content in many different formats in the last couple of years. Our clients often need to shoot both 16:9 and 9:16, fitting all the other platforms necessary in the media mix in today's market. With the Bolt Junior+ with a six-meter slider and a spinning turntable - We can quickly “flip” the camera sensor to shoot both in 16:9 and 9:16 with a touch of a button. This saves up a lot of time during a production day and gives our client the to get more content shot faster than ever.

The robot only needs one operator during a shoot and therefore saves a lot of costs during a long production day. The robot is programmed to be precise down to millimeters and will consequently produce the shots faster than ever before. No more manual focus or the need for much stabilization work during post-production :)

Our team

Say hello to our new robot team. We know that every production needs a different style of cinematography, requiring a team with a wide array of experience. We are training a group of three experienced cinematographers with varying styles and backgrounds to suit your production. Espen Olsen, Adrian Axel, and Uffe Mulvad.

If you already are a cinematographer or an agency, we can offer the Bolt together with an operating team to help you reach your vision.

We already work with some of the most talented food stylists in the industry, represented by Sporenstrek Reklame. The stylist team at Sporenstrek have been working in the food industry for over two decades and can help you make food receipt and ensure your products are represented in the best way possible.

We are very much looking forward to putting the Bolt Junior+ to the test - And getting challenged by other creators in the process. We can't wait to see what kind of shots and movement we can get from this technology!

If you have questions about using the robot for your next production, do not hesitate to contact us.


Peter Bryng



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