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Studio Ask

Jernbaneveien 4, 0667 Oslo

Studio Ask is located on the east side of Oslo, and is connected to all public transport points. With over 12 parking spaces, the studio is very convenient for photography, film, and events.

The studio was formerly a soft drink factory with lots of charm and history. We have kept the interior rustic, but modernized it for our use. We have a main studio of 150 sqm with an associated kitchen and a smaller studio of 60 sqm which is well suited as a prep kitchen.

We also offer rentals for events and dinner parties.

Visit for more information and booking.

Main studio: 10 000,- NOK
Small studio: 5000,- NOK
Cleaning fee: 2000,- NOK

Contact us

Jernbaneveien 4
0667 Oslo

+47 900 60 701

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