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Stories is a full-service production house specializing in creating customized commercials for your company. We offer a wide range of commercial formats and provide studio shoots using our cutting-edge Bolt robotic arm, operated by certified robot operators. With our comprehensive editing suite, we can also assist you with the post-production of your project.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your upcoming project, whether you prefer to contact us directly or visit us in our Studio in Oslo.

Say hello to Wally, a Mark Roberts Motion Control robot manufactured in England. With the Bolt Junior+ motion control, the operator can efficiently perform the most complex camera movements precisely in every frame. Wally comes with three-meter rails and has an arm length of 1.4 meters.

Wally can be hired with one of our certified operators on location or in our studio.

Contact us for prices and availability

We are specialists in content production for food and produce commercials for some of the most prominent players in the industry. We produce everything from TV commercials to longer "how-to" films for YouTube or other digital platforms and use our Bolt Junior+ robot arm to get unique movements in your commercial. With our team of skilled food stylists, robot operators, and directors, we can assist with everything from developing recipes to recording and post-production of your new film.

Christmas movies for Gilde

Produced in November 2019

Studio Ask

Jernbaneveien 4
0667 Oslo

Studio Ask

Studio Ask operates in collaboration with Sporenstrek Reklame. Our photo and film studio is located in a centrally located rustic brick house on Bryn in Oslo, covering an area of 350 square meters. The studio has a high ceiling and can provide up to three different kitchen studios in various styles. In addition to renting a studio, we offer a wide selection of production equipment. For inquiries, prices, and booking, please visit

Studio Ask operates in partnership with Sporenstrek Reklame. Along with renting a studio, we provide a vast production equipment selection. Please visit for inquiries, pricing, and booking.

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