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Recipe-films with Amalie Iuel for Coop Xtra

Produced in April 2019

Amalie Iuel is one of Norway's most celebrated athletes. She represents healthy values ​​and healthy food. In this advertising series, she shows viewers how to make quick and healthy recipes for people on the go.

The films are produced for Coop Extra and created for mobile viewing on social media.

We produced five films in one day of shooting. These were versioned to 4:5 format for a better experience on mobile.




Coop Extra


Agency: Pol Advertising Agency
Still photo: Veslemøy Vråskar
Photographer & editor: Peter Bryng, Stories
Styling: Track Stretch Advertising
Color correction: Ferdi Film


Receipt films for Q-Meieriene

Oppskriftsfilmer for Q-Meieriene

Receipt films for Q-Meieriene

Commercials for Prior

Reklamefilmer for Prior

Commercials for Prior

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