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TV-commercial for Vitusapotek

Produced in august 2021

Vitusapotek celebrated 20 years and wanted a commercial that summarized and acknowledged their style and presence in Norway for over two decades.

Together with the advertising agency McCann, we produced a beautiful 30-second commercial for TV.






Creative Directors: Siv Trælvik and Kim Amundsen at McKann
Producer: Peter Bryng
Director: Christian Schüssler
Cinematographer: Espen Olsen, iProduksjon
Lighting: Doan Dominoco and Uffe Mulvad
Editing: Jonas Aaarø at Uhørt
Color grading: Cem Ozkilicci at Uhørt
Sound Design: Uhørt
Voiceover: Jakob Oftebro
Music: Fay Wildhagen
Casting: Kari Marie Sandbukt
Styling: Emina Mahmuljin


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