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Bolt robotic arm for events in Norway

13 February 2023

Give your event some extra entertainment value for the guest and let them pose in front of the camera going in super slow motion.

The Bolt robotic arm is known in Hollywood as the Glambot or Showbot. Showing off at Oscars, Grammys, and Cannes Filmfestival the last years, the Bolt has been a big hit during the event. The robot will make your event shine with its unique design, and you will also get content separating you from all other content on social media.

The Bolt Junior+ has a six-meter slider and a slow-motion camera. Guests can visit the stand and pose, and the robot will record an epic 3-second video showing the event and the location in the background.

Watch the video from Grammys 2023 here: Best of GLAMBOT

This technology has only been accessible for exclusive events with higher budgets. We at Stories can proudly offer this technology at a competitive price. Our highly skilled cinematographer will set up the robot at your desired location. Outside or inside does not matter - They will record each guest or a group of people posing to the camera and upload the files to the server for instant access. From there, the guest can share their video on social media and spread the word. This also works well with a sponsorship, where you can brand the videos in the company's visual profile and let the guest distribute their content organically on social media.

Watch the Behind The Scenes from Grammys 2023 here: Behind the scenes.

We look forward to making awesome content for events in Norway in the next years. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding prices and availability.


Peter Bryng

CEO, Stories


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