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This is how our robot arm can help with your food production

24 April 2023

For several years, we have produced food advertisements for several well-known companies in Norway and continue to see a growing need to create innovative content that captures customers' attention. Producing content for food suppliers is our expertise, and we are continuously working to develop ourselves further to meet our customers' needs. In the spring of 2023, we invested in new technology that allows us to produce unique content for our clients.

High-speed motion control: Bolt Jr+

Marc Roberts Motion Control develops the robot arm Bolt Jr+ in England, a computer-controlled camera arm that can move with extreme precision. This provides us with countless opportunities for filming from different angles and movements, which can make food commercials unique and different. The robot can also move the camera in circles and diagonal directions; only our imagination sets the limits.

The robot arm works by programming the movements through a software program called Flair. We can pre-program these movements based on the concept and brief before the shoot and make adjustments on the actual shoot day.

Using such technology in film productions is highly cost-effective. We have a team of trained Bolt operators with years of experience as film photographers, as well as experience in lighting and editing.

During filming with the robot arm, only one film photographer is needed. This person programs the robot to perform the desired movements, as well as being able to program and make adjustments during the shoot.

Several formats

In today's media landscape, it is increasingly essential for companies to adapt their content to all the different formats and platforms. This also applies to film production.

Clients often want films displayed on traditional 16:9 screens and mobile devices in formats such as 9:16, 4:5, and 1:1. This requires a flexible and adaptable production process. Using the robot arm, we can easily program the camera to film in all these formats with a simple adjustment around the set. This ensures that we can deliver high-quality films that are optimized for all types of platforms and devices.


We work closely with some of Norway's best food stylists. They are well acquainted with how the robot arm works and style and adapt the dishes to match the robot's movements.

Our team is led by Sporenstrek and Monica Sjøli, who have extensive stylist experience. They know precisely what it takes to make the products shine on camera, and they work closely with our clients to find the perfect style and color profile that suits their products best. They have a large prop warehouse with various colors and styles so that they can adapt the style to our client's wishes and needs.

One experience they have had recently is that they can now create larger food universes on set. Since the robot arm moves around the food, on the side, above, and below, they can make more significant "scenes" for the food and surroundings.

Using compressed air, we can also shoot food objects into the air and capture images with an incredibly high resolution of up to 1000 FPS in 4K. This allows us to create fantastic food commercials that stand out.

Our kitchen studio - Studio Ask

With Sportenstrek, we have our own photo and film studio at Bryn in Oslo with three different kitchen studios, each with its style.

Two kitchen studios are fully functioning kitchens, and a third is modular and can be adapted by painting the back wall and changing fronts and surfaces.

This gives us a high degree of flexibility, allowing us to tailor the kitchen studios to our client's identities and preferences. In addition, we have all the expertise and props in-house.Sammen med Sportenstrek, har et eget foto- og filmstudio på Bryn i Oslo med tre ulike kjøkkenstudioer i hver sin egen stil.

Food commercials with actors

In some cases, food products require actors to showcase the products. We have good experience filming people in the studio and outdoors and have a wide range of skilled actors in our database. In addition, our team can assist in casting new faces that fit what the customer wants.

As we all know, the demand for short video clips has increased lately. The commercials can be as short as 6, 10, or 15 seconds and must quickly capture the viewer's interest. Additionally, competing to stand out in the crowd has become increasingly difficult. Using new and creative solutions and angles in the films, such as the robot arm, creates an engaging "scroll stopper" for viewers and the target audience.


Our team of skilled food photographers has many years of experience in the industry, and we are proud to offer our clients a complete food production experience.

Together with our robot arm and styling team, we can provide you with still images of the fully styled food and film production. This allows you to get everything you need to market your product in one place.

Our goal is to create food commercials that look good and hook the audience's interest and appetite. We take pride in our work and have delivered food production to various customers in the food and advertising industries.

Please don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in developing your next food campaign and ensure that you reach your audience in an effective and flavorful way.


Tlf: 900 60 701


Studio Ask

Jernbaneveien 4

0667 Oslo


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