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Glambot shoot for Costume Awards and QRTD

Produced in august 2023

Costume Awards are one of Norway's most prominent events in the fashion industry. In 2023 Costume Awards had the pleasure of having QRTD as its main sponsor.

QRTD aimed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience by offering them glambot recordings alongside the iconic red carpet. The glambot concept, originating from Hollywood, involves the use of a robotic arm and a special camera that captures moments at an incredible 1000 frames per second, resulting in unique slow-motion footage.

Throughout the entire recording day, we had a dedicated editor on-site to quickly edit and produce 6-second glambot clips that guests could immediately share on their social media platforms. Each of these clips were prominently branded with both Costume Awards and QRTD logos, ensuring brand visibility in the spread.

The glambot was a massive success, with a total of 60 individuals seizing the opportunity to create their own memorable glambot moments.

The result was a massive presence on social media that spread like wildfire.


Collective Oslo


Costume and QRTD


Producer: Peter Bryng
Director: Christian Schüssler
Cinematographer and Bolt operator: Uffe Mulvad
Edit: Alex Holm, iProduksjon
Lights: Adrian Axel
Behind the scenes: Kari Marie Sandbukt
Event cinematographer: Kristina Erland
Assistent: Joakim Østrem
Assistent: Egil Døving
Assistent: Brage Pedersen
Assistent: Olafur Jonsson
Assistent: Magnus Hofgaard
Assistent: Kjetil Heimdall-Hansen
Sebastian Amundsen
Cengiz AI
Maren Turmo
Linnea Markussen
Inti Wang
Maria Pasenau
Maren Schia
Uzoma Nkeiruka Lovlin Ifejilika
Pernille Juvodden
Charlotte Dos Santos
Pearl Octopuss.y
Chioko Twins
Øyunn Krogh
Fetisha Williams
Tim Kristian
Lilia Gjerstad
Amy Therese Hagen
Camilla Phil
Silje Hope
Olav Stubberud
Yasmine San Miguel
Charlotte Bateman
Sebastian Solberg
Mira Craig
Filip Bargee Ramberg
Alphons Amuri
Thea Sofie Loch Næss
Ine Marie Wilman
Marian Saastad Ottesen
Marte Krogh


Promo for Gullruten 2023

Promo for Gullruten 2023

Promo for Gullruten 2023

Commercial for Hongqi

Reklamefilm for Hongqi

Commercial for Hongqi

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