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Commercials for Matspecialen

Produced in Juni 2020

Matspecialen is one of Norway's largest catering suppliers. The company wanted to be more visible digitally, and therefore we were given the task of developing a marketing package adapted to all digital channels.

With a limited budget, we managed to put together a number of varied photos based on just one long shooting day. Then we versioned out a number of formats and lengths and voiced this towards different target groups.

The company has three customer groups they want to reach. Therefore we reused a lot of the material in all the films, but changed and sharpened the message towards each target group. Through this we were able to create films that are perceived as relevant for each of the desired target groups.


Findability AS




Styling: Monica Bjerkerud Sjøl
Photo: Peter Bryng
Location: Studio Ask
Voiceover: Lars Sundsbø
Color Correction: GoElectra
Music: Epidemic Sound
Clip: Peter Bryng


TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

Kampanjefilmer for Munkholm Ipa

TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

Christmas movies for Gilde

Julefilmer for Gilde

Christmas movies for Gilde

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