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TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

Produced September 2019

In 2019, we filmed several short films for Ringnes' new product Munkholm Ipa. The production was carried out in a barn to give the film a suitable rustic and cowboy style.

Produced for photographer Veslemøy Vråskar together with Sporenstrek.


Marvelous Norway




Produced for: Marvelous Norway
Photographer: Veslemøy Vråskar
Photographer: Peter Bryng, Stories
Styling: Track Stretch Advertising
Color correction: Go Electra


Recipe videos for Tine International

Oppskriftsfilmer for Tine Internasjonal

Recipe videos for Tine International

Commercials for Matspecialen

Reklamefilmer for Matspecialen

Commercials for Matspecialen

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