TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

Produced in September 2019

In connection with Ringnes' new product Munkholm Ipa, we filmed several small films for their web campaign. The agency Marvelous wanted a rustic cowboy style. We thus chose an older barn for this recording. The films were produced for photographer Veslemøy Vråskar together with Sporenstrek.


Marvelous Norway




Role: Photographer
Still photo: Veslemøy Vråskas
Produced for: Marvelous Norway
Styling: Track Stretch Advertising
Color correction: Go Electra


Recipe videos for Tine International

Oppskriftsfilmer for Tine Internasjonal

Recipe videos for Tine International

Commercials for Matspecialen

Reklamefilmer for Matspecialen

Commercials for Matspecialen