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Recipe videos for Tine International

Produced in January 2019

Tine Internasjonal wanted to profile Brunost, Snøfrisk, and Jarlsberg to an international audience. Sporenstrek was given responsibility for developing recipes for this production. The methods show a typical Scandinavian touch with a modern twist. The result of this was: Brown cheese Ice cream, Snøfrisk Pai, and Jarlsberg cheese stew. Produced in 4: 5 and 16: 9 formats. The films have also been translated into German.






Role: Photographer & editor
Still photo: Josefin Linder
Produced for: Tine International
Styling: Sporenstrek / Monica Sjøli
Color correction: Go Electra


Portrait on Julie Bergan for Frogner House

Portrett på Julie Bergan for Frogner House

Portrait on Julie Bergan for Frogner House

TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

Kampanjefilmer for Munkholm Ipa

TV-spots for Munkholm Ipa

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