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Over Land: From London to Mongolia

Produced in 2019

Over Land is a six-part travel series distributed on NRK in 2019. Over Land is about three guys in the middle of their lives who wanted to break up everyday life and sign up for the Mongol Rally. A race where you drive through half the earth, from London to Mongolia in an old car. Twenty-two thousand kilometers throughout Central Asia. On the journey, they follow in the footsteps of the former world ruler Ghengis Kahn and the famous Silk Road, which served as a trade route between East and West for thousands of years.

The TV series can be seen here:






VJ: Peter Bryng
Still images: Torkild Bredesen
Drone photo: Torkild Bredesen
Timelapse: Torkild Bredesen
Editing: Alex Holm / iProduksjon
Voiceover: Lars Sundsbø
Color correction: NRK
Sound mix: NRK
Graphics: Forklaringsvideo
Music: Epidemic Sound & EMI Music


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