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Commercials for Skyr

Produced in October 2022

Skyr wanted to showcase all their fans around Norway and therefore launched a recruitment campaign to find their biggest fan. The idea was to let them tell their story in the new commercial for their yogurt.

We invited the selected fans for a one-day shoot in our Studio Ask so they could have fun in front of the camera telling their story. To create unique films, we changed the background color for each individual to make the commercial stand out while still being true to the concept.

The result was five 15 & 6 seconds commercials. The commercial was versioned in both 16:9, 4:5, and 9:16 to fit all digital platforms.






Creative Directors: Stian Birkelid & Jan Petter Ågren
Director: Christian Schüssler
Cinematographer: Peter Bryng
Sound: Håkon Solsvik
Styling: Sporenstrek
Color and sound: Nr14
Music: Epidemic Sound
Cast: Vårinn Rein Trustrup / Melissa Norrøne /
Asbjørn Hagen / Lotta Lomeland / Maria Mæle Christensen


Commercial for Hongqi

Reklamefilm for Hongqi

Commercial for Hongqi

Lofoten Helsprø

Lofoten Helsprø

Lofoten Helsprø

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